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I calculated the other day that I have (at least) ten papers to write this term. Strangely enough, none are very long; mostly, they're on the order of 2-4 pages. I've already written two of them, and I am supposed to be working on a third right now, in between studying for an exam tomorrow, finishing a problem set for Syntax that's due this afternoon, and trying to figure out what I need to bring home this weekend. BECAUSE IT'S A LONG WEEKEND AND I WILL BE HOME FOR FOUR DAYS!!!!

I have been ... not exactly as diligent as I ought to be.  I have been:

1) Watching Bones. I have reached the epitome of patheticness when it comes to TV shows. (Or at least, as near as I ever want to be.) )

2) Playing Dominion. Perhaps I shouldn't be worried about my TV-watching. )

3) Talking to Other Me.  It would be karma if I believed in such things. )

4)  Reading TV Tropes.  It's amazing how addictive a website can become.

That's about it. It's amazing how much I can pack into one day when it isn't homework.  I should probably try not to waste so much time, but ...

I guess I did talk to my potential thesis advisor in linguistics; I might get to work on the Moses Illusion!!!  That would be awesome, but I could also, I found out, do a thesis in linguistic anthropology, which is more along the lines of where I want to end up in graduate school.  So doing something in linguistic anthropology might be better, but ... I don't know.  At least I have multiple options!  And this time, I get to actually pick what I want to do, rather than having a professor say "here's a project, now go!"  It wasn't that The Other Thesis wasn't interesting, but I think I was a little less invested in it in part (though only part, and perhaps even a very small part) because I didn't feel like it was my project in any way.

(Also, the new Gmail header is really annoying.  I'm sure it's a perfectly good change, in reality, but since it's new I can't stop looking at it every time I check my email; and since this is quite often, I am currently a little obsessed with such a needless change.)
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My erstwhile thesis advisor, Stephen, is a like a steamroller. He tends to talk right over you in meetings, such that it is extremely difficult to say no, because it is difficult to get a word in. If you're a piece of concrete (i.e., an ES/geo/bio student who wants to study biogeochemistry), Stephen is great: he will fit you into his lab, teach you what you need to know, and set you on the road (pun intended!)* to being a great biogeochemist. If you're a plant (i.e., me, though I don't mean any type of value judgment by calling ES students concrete and me a plant, I just couldn't think of a better metaphor), Stephen can be a little ... crushing.

In other words, during my meeting with Stephen today, I almost left without telling him that I no longer want to do a thesis in ES.

Luckily, though, I managed to slip in a bit of a "well, I'm a little sick of doing lab work, after spending ALL LAST SEMESTER DOING IT!" And a "well, I'm pretty sure that I don't want to spend my life doing the kind of lab work that I did all last semester, though it was a lot of fun and very interesting." And a "well, I am actually both an ES and a linguistics concentrator, and there are so many courses and topics that are interesting that it's very difficult to pick, so I don't think I have the time to take the ES thesis course."

I managed (or at least, I think I managed) to make it sound like his idea—this is an important thing when dealing with Stephen, because he likes good ideas to come from him. He also likes good ideas to come from his students, but this way, he doesn't think that I am quitting; he thinks he made a good suggestion, i.e., that I am maybe not quite as devoted as I need to be in order to finish a thesis, and that this is perfectly fine, given that I have lots of other interests, and that I should explore all the other opportunities my school has to offer, etc. etc. etc. At the very least, he doesn't think I'm crazy for not wanting to commit myself to a thesis in ES just yet, especially when I am sure I don't want to ultimately do that kind of science. He does respect the fact that I am torn between two completely and utterly different fields (Have you ever heard of environmental linguistics? I haven't, though I suppose linguistic geography might be the closest.), so he doesn't even seem to think it's a bad thing if I don't finish my ES thesis, which is good.

Oh well. I feel rather pathetic for quitting, but luckily I have several other opportunities, such as doing a linguistics thesis, which I think is infinitely better suited to my particular strengths. At the very least, I really like listening to people talk, whereas I only sort of like digging in the dirt, and I don't really like to measure ammonium. Unfortunately, though, although I do know someone that I would like to work with on a linguistics thesis, I am not positive that I will get to, so it might be difficult to make that work.

I really want to do a thesis. I like analyzing data, finding patterns, and trying to figure out whether a certain theory applies. And I am actually getting interested in language processing, particularly phonological processing; and doing a thesis in linguistic anthropology would basically be SO AWESOME that I wouldn't want to do anything else. (Watch me eat those words ... ^^) Sadly, however, no one here does either of those fields, though some people come close.

Well, at least I won't be crushed by the Great Ammonium Analyzer this semester.
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So, I've been unpacking various boxes from various places, and unfortunately discovered that I didn't pack what I thought I had packed, and that I had packed things I hadn't intended to. For example: I forgot a hairbrush, scissors, extra coat hangers, pillows, plates and bowls (well, I only wanted one of each). I brought two extra towels, a ton of shirts, extra ethernet cords, a lot of sponges but no dishwashing liquid, only one pen, only three pairs of pants, my fancy shoes (read: they look fancy but cost about $10) ... at least I pretty much have enough of everything I need, at least until I go home again in February; I had to shell out for a hairbrush, but I got the square kind, which I like a lot better than the brush I usually bring to school. And it came with extra hair ties—which I buy about once every month or two.

Unfortunately, however, in amidst all of this losing things and finding extras of things, I have managed to lose misplace my external harddrive. There was something else important that I've lost, but I can't remember at the moment what it was; at any rate, I will definitely be spending some time looking in the storage room downstairs to see whether I left it there. I thought it was in one of the two large crates I left, but evidently not.

On the plus side, I got my blender and my toaster oven working; I'm not entirely sure I'm allowed to have a toaster oven in my room, but it has an automatic shut-off, so I think it's allowed. And even if it isn't—I doubt they do inspections in the spring, so I'm not too worried.

Well, classes start tomorrow, so I ought to go plan my shopping schedule, rather than play more Dominion. You'd think I'd get bored with it, by now, having played as much as I have in the last few weeks, but no. I've gotten a little better, though I think it's in large part that I've become a lot more familiar with the online interface and with most of the cards—I now know what they all actually do, so even though I frequently make mistakes, at least I now have a better sense of when I am making those mistakes. Of course, constantly switching to another tab when it's my turn doesn't help very much ... as I don't always notice when, say, nearly all of my Treasure has been trashed by Pirate Ships and I CAN'T BUY ANYTHING!!!


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