Apr. 13th, 2011

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Today was a wonderful day. (Excepting the rain, of course.) Here is a list:

1) The environmental science department is going to let me do my linguistics thesis!!!!! I just have to find an advisor who is willing to let me do it for bachelor of science credit, and I am set to go! Plus, I know who I want as an advisor!!! Okay, that was a lot of exclamation points, but yay!

2) My linguistic anthropology professor said "you really are a linguistic anthropologist!" Maybe that's a little bit of a strange thing to be happy about, but it's always nice when a professor acknowledges that you've been very enthusiastic about a topic.

3) One of my friends in ADPhi and I had a battle over whether TH or ADPhi was more nerdy. TH won (as far as I'm concerned ... because I am totally not biased ...) when another THer and I managed to slip in a discussion of materials science when talking about how we can't paint our lounge because it has lead paint. (Metanerdery! Metametanerdery! ... Okay.) The best my ADPhi friend was able to do was point out that the nerdery of TH and ADPhi often overlap.

4) Last but not least, my brother achieved everlasting fame. I could not be prouder.

Okay, the list is a little shorter than I originally expected, because it felt like such a monumental day. Nonetheless.


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