Jan. 25th, 2011

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So, I've been unpacking various boxes from various places, and unfortunately discovered that I didn't pack what I thought I had packed, and that I had packed things I hadn't intended to. For example: I forgot a hairbrush, scissors, extra coat hangers, pillows, plates and bowls (well, I only wanted one of each). I brought two extra towels, a ton of shirts, extra ethernet cords, a lot of sponges but no dishwashing liquid, only one pen, only three pairs of pants, my fancy shoes (read: they look fancy but cost about $10) ... at least I pretty much have enough of everything I need, at least until I go home again in February; I had to shell out for a hairbrush, but I got the square kind, which I like a lot better than the brush I usually bring to school. And it came with extra hair ties—which I buy about once every month or two.

Unfortunately, however, in amidst all of this losing things and finding extras of things, I have managed to lose misplace my external harddrive. There was something else important that I've lost, but I can't remember at the moment what it was; at any rate, I will definitely be spending some time looking in the storage room downstairs to see whether I left it there. I thought it was in one of the two large crates I left, but evidently not.

On the plus side, I got my blender and my toaster oven working; I'm not entirely sure I'm allowed to have a toaster oven in my room, but it has an automatic shut-off, so I think it's allowed. And even if it isn't—I doubt they do inspections in the spring, so I'm not too worried.

Well, classes start tomorrow, so I ought to go plan my shopping schedule, rather than play more Dominion. You'd think I'd get bored with it, by now, having played as much as I have in the last few weeks, but no. I've gotten a little better, though I think it's in large part that I've become a lot more familiar with the online interface and with most of the cards—I now know what they all actually do, so even though I frequently make mistakes, at least I now have a better sense of when I am making those mistakes. Of course, constantly switching to another tab when it's my turn doesn't help very much ... as I don't always notice when, say, nearly all of my Treasure has been trashed by Pirate Ships and I CAN'T BUY ANYTHING!!!


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