Jan. 21st, 2011

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Watched the pilot to Fairly Legal last night. Have to admit, I wasn't terribly thrilled with the previews; it seemed like they were trying too hard to say KATE IS NOT A LAWYER! NOT A LAWYER! as though that were something extraordinarily special. But I liked the pilot a lot more than I expected; I don't know if I'll keep watching, though I expect I'll at least watch another episode or two. The pilot often has a tenuous relationship to the rest of the series, so I try not to judge a TV show by its pilot.

I certainly liked it much better than Covert Affairs. So far, Kate seems to be, basically, like "one of the guys." I can't at the moment think of a better way to put it—it's not that she's exceptionally masculine, it's just that it doesn't matter. (So far, anyway—that may very well change.) In Covert Affairs, from the pilot onwards, it's always about how Annie Doesn't Look Like a Spy, how Annie Can Pass as a Hooker, how her cover IDs frequently involve her Power Over Men, how Auggie can tell that she's hot because of the way people talk about her. And, of course, she couldn't possibly have gotten promoted to the field before finishing training because she's good at what she does! No, it's because of the guy in her past who Annie can't forget. It's cute, in a way, but after a while it gets annoying. And it makes her supposed talents—particularly the "six languages" bit—seem faked and unnecessary; after all, it's useful that she can speak Farsi and Spanish and Russian and whatever else, but her Power Over Men and her One True Love That She Lost are the reason she is where she is. Basically, Covert Affairs seems like someone out there playing out a James Bond-for-women spy fantasy, but forgot to make the female lead independent and interesting. I know I'm oversimplifying, and probably not giving her language abilities enough credit (as I haven't watched any Covert Affairs in quite a while), but the show irked me.

I do not remember a single instance in the Fairly Legal pilot where Kate's looks are mentioned, which is a nice refresher from Annie Walker. She's just the mediator; she's not good at it because she's hot, she's good at it because she's passionate about finding actual justice, whether that's within the system or outside of it. I don't know if they're going to continue in that vein, but so far, it's encouraging. Kate might actually have abilities! Personality! Independence! Depth of character!

I also watched The Last Airbender (the movie) with [personal profile] damkianna on Monday/Wednesday. To be honest, there's nothing really to say; it was even worse than I expected, which is something that I can't even say about the first Twilight movie. There are so many things they messed up, I have no real desire to list them all; I'm sure someone else out there has already done a perfectly decent job of it. I'd really rather not think about it any more. Definitely not seeing the second movie, if they make one, unless [personal profile] damkianna wants to watch it to make fun of it.

I ordered How to Train Your Dragon (the movie, not the books) from Amazon, AND IT CAME YESTERDAY!!!!!! That means that I NOW HAVE HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON! I really liked the movie, it was adorable and beautiful AND IT HAD DRAGONS! Off to watch it shortly with [personal profile] damkianna ...


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