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Apparently, some people don't like to lose at Dominion, because that was the response I got when I happened to have cards that took more than five seconds to play. When your opponent keeps playing Golems, Apothecaries, Throne Rooms, and Outposts, do you really expect their turn to take five seconds? No. And it shouldn't, because all of those cards require making decisions, clicking on the new cards, and in general taking a few seconds to play. And it's not like I actually take that long; the game I played before this one, my opponent had at least three King's Courts that he kept playing over and over again. And it was awesome—he got almost 100 VPs!

At any rate, I don't exactly like it when people online think they can be rude because they don't know who you are and don't like to lose. :P Everyone gets crappy decks, or sucky luck, every once in a while; deal with it.

Other than that, it was raining all day, which pretty much sucked because now all the snow will be gone, and it will be wet. But my classes were good, and I didn't fail my Brain Damage and the Mind exam—which I actually thought could be a possibility, since I ... didn't exactly study the right material. \o/

Last night was Childhood Regression Night, where I played with Legos. Yay!!!! I made a dragon (surprise surprise!), and almost convinced everyone to watch Dr. Horrible, but unfortunately the nice TV was being used. :P And then I spent all night world-building; it was great fun, but it's good that I don't have much homework.

Edit: What the hell is up with people today? I bought eight out of ten Fishing Villages, and my opponent resigned. :P I would feel massively guilty about doing something like that!

Fake out

Feb. 2nd, 2011 09:55 am
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This is officially the most miserable weather I have ever had in college. In high school, we were just inside all day; but now, I actually have to walk around in the FREEZING RAIN!!!!!!!!! The side walks ice over the moment the rain-like substance hits the ground, so I have to shuffle along to class praying I don't slip and kill myself (not that I really think I would die, but still). And it is really raining—my backpack got soaked through, but luckily my computer has thus far survived intact. But it is cold, wet, icy, dangerous, and just in general disgusting.

And, annoying, the Weather People told us that there would be 14 inches of snow; not that I trust them in the least, but at the very least they could have warned us about the FREEZING RAIN.

I swear I love New England weather, I do!

I don't actually consider Rhode Island to be "real" New England, but every once in a while it does a decent impersonation.

Lie to Me was decent on Monday; I don't really like when they start off with scenes that are supposed to be awful, and then flash back to how they got up to that scene, only to make the story significantly less exciting than it at first appeared. In this case, Gillian was all covered in blood, which was terrible; but nothing had actually happened to her, though at the beginning it appeared that she had had to fend off some sadistic attacker. The truth was kind of disgusting, but as I am not nearly as emotionally invested in the once-a-week side characters, I was all set for Gillian to pull of some fantastic heroics. But she didn't.


Back to class!


Jan. 27th, 2011 12:48 pm
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For my Linguistic Anthropology class, we have to read Scott Kiesling's article on the word dude. I've read this article before, but I started reading it anyway. Early on in the article, Kiesling says that young men use dude to indicate "cool solidarity." On the first day of class, the Linguistic Anthropology professor said that she would randomly call on people to summarize the readings each day of class. Here is the conversation that went on in my brain:

prof: Okay, so can you summarize what the Kiesling article was about? // points to me

me: **thinking subconsciously** I want to show the kind of attitude that dude expresses.

me: **out loud** Well, he was talking about how "dude" indicates "cool solidarity." So that would be, like, if I were to say "Dude, it's fine, we'll just do something else later." // I was thinking about how ML hasn't been very enthusiastic about doing ANYTHING, so I have to keep reassuring her that we could hang out later.

I think I got the point of the article.

Except, you know, for the part where I'm not a young man. But that's beside the point.

Apparently, dude expresses itself so well that other words aren't really necessary.

Also, it has already snowed significant inchage three times in the four and a half days since I have been back. Most places the snow is up to about a foot and a half; and apparently the plows aren't capable of keeping up with the snow, so that getting to breakfast this morning took significantly longer than it ought to have.


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