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As my very first post, I figured I would start with a rant—since, well, that's what everyone likes to do most, but no one likes to read. And to be honest, that's exactly what I want.

I have a new obsession: Dominion.

My brother made the mistake of telling me about dominion.isotropic.org, which I totally recommend you check out avoid. IT WILL CONSUME YOUR SOUL, at least if you've ever played and enjoyed Dominion, the board game version. The online version is much better than the board game version, though to be honest I've never played the actual, physical board game as quickly as the online version. The rules are all the same, as far as I can tell, but you have access to all the cards in all sets and expansions, which is a big bonus if you only have Dominion, Seaside, and Intrigue (as I do). I also like how you can pick cards you want to include—I have a fondness for Smugglers, Pirate Ships, and Treasure Maps (notice a certain theme?), and may theoretically summon the courage to start a game with someone else that includes those cards.

I have also, after perusing dominionstrategy.wordpress.com, come to appreciate and unappreciate certain cards more or less than I did before I started playing online. Native Village is much more useful than I originally thought; I have used it to great effect to store away Smugglers until the next hand, or to rack up lots of Gold and Platinum in order to buy Colonies. Plus, Native Village only costs two Treasure, which means that you can Remodel a Copper or a Curse (!!!) into something useful. Along the lines of trashing bad cards, I have started to appreciate trashing a lot more—having a deck full of Coppers, Estates, and other early game cards gets very annoying later in the game.

At any rate, when I stop playing Dominion online, I'll let you know. MAYBE I WILL DO SOMETHING ELSE WITH MY LIFE!!!!! I kind of doubt it—I will probably just move on to Scrabble, or crocheting, or Turn the Tide, or Carcassonne, or maybe I will work on my first ever fanfic, or either of the four other stories I have going at the moment.



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