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Given the amount of time that my mother spends watching the news and then telling me what she saw (if I wasn't in the room), I am surprised that I haven't heard anything more about Lebanon. After all, the government collapsed. I suppose Tucson, Tunisia, and Sudan have taken over the news cycle, but still. Seems like a great oversight of Rachel Maddow's. On the other hand, she seems to be on a crusade to convince the country that gun politics in America actually can change, so at least she's on a good cause.

On Dominion news, I bought all the Provinces in a game I played this morning. This has never happened to me before; I think perhaps my opponent was doing what I normally do, i.e., forgetting that buying Provinces is a good thing until half (or more!) are gone. I definitely enjoy the deck-building part of the game more than the winning, but I still don't use trashing effectively enough. As far as I am concerned, the only card that is inherently bad is the Curse (and even that can have its uses), so that's the only one that I actively try to trash for the sake of trashing it; all the others, I can find uses for, even though some are more effective than others. I also played a game where I got 137 points; I lost (my opponent stacked up King's Courts and Monuments, to get tons of VPs every game), but it was a lot of fun.

And ... White Collar! Neal gets so attached, it's awesome. And Elizabeth was excellent when she finally picked up the phone on that guy, though I feel rather bad for the guy; who knows what he was talking to his wife about before the cell phone jammer went off? Elizabeth could have really messed things up, though I suppose the idea was that all-women-want-to-get-flowers-and-be-swept-off-their-feet, so that Elizabeth would help repair their relationship rather than muck it up some more.

NCIS was good, too—the whole episode was about homophobia and a gay high school student joining the military. They had only one line in there about "new military regulations" (or something to that effect), so that I wonder whether they refilmed that one segment of the episode to include a line acknowledging Don't Ask, Don't Tell's demise. I also wonder whether they moved that episode to the beginning of this run, or whether it was just a coincidence.

And finally: note to self, DO NOT LEAVE THE WAX PAPER ON TOP OF THE GRANOLA BARS WHILE THEY ARE HARDENING. The wax paper will soon become part of the granola bar.


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