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2011-04-17 12:13 am
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Fire Alarm Fiasco

Okay. I don't really like pot, but I am willing to accept that 1) it is probably a less harmful drug than a lot of others, and 2) as long as the pot smokers don't bother me (or anyone else) with their pot-smoking ways, they should be allowed to do what they want.

But tonight, the second part of that did not happen.

And so I say to the world: FUCK YOU, POT SMOKERS!!!!!!

Okay, I am done. Deep breath.

Spring Weekend explains everything. )
(Light) violence occurs. )

And, to top it all off, my permanently sleep-deprived self was attempting to go to bed early tonight. :P Not that a minor disruption in my already disrupted sleep schedule matters anything like BEING CHOKED BY A FELLOW STUDENT, but still. It does not exactly help my mood right now.

(On another random sidenote, as I was walking back from the eatery to my dorm, I realized that "reckless" and "recluse" are pronounced nearly the same.)


4:10am—The fire alarm just went off again.  Pot smoke was apparently everywhere on the third floor; I guess the second floor people learned?  BUT APPARENTLY NO ONE ELSE DID.

8:24am—Okay, now we are getting a little suspicious.  Every four hours?  It is very mysterious.  In my humble experience, periodic fire alarms are usually a combination of environmental triggers and mechanical finickiness. )

Campus security is considering looking into the pot smoking in my building. YAY!!!!!!!!! )

As for I managed to live across the hallway from one of the biggest pot dealers on campus and failed to realize it until early April of last year ... Not terribly interesting. )  I still can't believe that I never realized that that was what she was doing.  :P

9:51am—The New York Times needs to work on its article headlines, because on Thursday, apparently, there was one titled "C.I.A. Sued for Failure to Release Bay of Pigs History."  Perhaps it is simply my sleep-deprived self having trouble resolving relative clauses and thus being more inclined to read a main verb in everything, but I thought the CIA was doing the suing, not being sued.  I suppose at least it's better than "Qaddafi Forces Bear Down on Rebels," which I also read as a main verb ("forces" as in "Qaddafi made a bear go sit on the rebels").

12:10pm—The fire alarm did NOT go off at noon.  Thus, either the pot smokers finally got the picture, or they were removed forcibly from the building, or an alarm tech came and fixed the mechanical problem (if one existed).  Hopefully this is now over ...

8:01pm—Although it is not entirely clear, two facts appear to have emerged.  1) Some alarms were caused by pot smoke, others by what seems to be mechanical failure. 2) I might have to pay up to $50 for alarms that I did not set off. :P )

When I got back from lunch, there was more pot smell in the hallways.  Honestly, people, haven't you had enough already?  Did FIVE FIRE ALARMS teach you anything?  Apparently not.  I called campus security, and they came, but unfortunately they can't do anything unless we actually see someone smoking pot, or see smoke coming out of their room, or can pinpoint which room based on where the smell was coming from.  This is extremely difficult when there are multiple rooms whose occupants are smoking, as the smoke ends up everywhere (even the basement, where no one lives).  So ... total failure, but at least we made friends with Steve the DPS officer, who will come help us out if we can catch anyone in the act!

And ... last but not least, we realized that Wednesday is 4/20.  I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF POT FOR THE WEEK!!!!!!!!  :P  So basically that means we're likely going to have another round of fire alarms on Wednesday ... A couple of us THers have contemplated setting out on pot patrols on Wednesday to see if we can get people in trouble for it, but I feel like that might be going to far.  It isn't actually harming anyone, at least not seriously; by the end of the semester, this will have become hilarious.  It seems a bit overly vindictive to purposefully try to catch people in the act.  On the other hand, if I happen to be walking by and happen to see people, I will not hesitate to call campus security.  I am sick of my hallway smelling like pot all the time.

9:33pm—Well, since I have already begun a dissertation on my weekend, I suppose I shall continue.  The laundry machine attempted to eat my card; B managed to bring it back from the depths of the machine's throat.  Then, the drier decided that my clothes were very wet and needed to be dried for 99 minutes (rather than the usual 60).  I can obviously take them out early, but strange things always make me wonder whether something went wrong.  I watched Doctor Who again, which was awesome, but which I am afraid of getting obsessed with because there seven hundred episodes to watch.  I thought last summer was bad, in which I watched all of 24 (~200 episodes) twice through; Doctor Who would be exponentially worse.  But!  It's fun, and it's one of the only events in the War Room for which fifty people are not squeezed in, which means I can actually be comfortable while watching.