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Okay. I don't really like pot, but I am willing to accept that 1) it is probably a less harmful drug than a lot of others, and 2) as long as the pot smokers don't bother me (or anyone else) with their pot-smoking ways, they should be allowed to do what they want.

But tonight, the second part of that did not happen.

And so I say to the world: FUCK YOU, POT SMOKERS!!!!!!

Okay, I am done. Deep breath.

It is Spring Weekend, which explains everything with exquisite precision, but STILL. OH MY GOD. At approximately 11:30 tonight, I had the great pleasure of experiencing my dorm's fire alarm. I am proud to say that this is the first time I have heard it in my two and a half years of living in the same building; I was not aware of its particular shrillitude.

(Actually, it is so shrill that I literally screamed when it went off.)

Now, it was also pouring tonight, which did not exactly make the situation better. (On a random sidenote, I had just taken a shower, so at least I wasn't expecting dry hair.) Luckily, I live a short walk from one of the late-night eateries, so a bunch of us from TH went over there to wait it out.


Okay, I am done again. Because it is Spring Weekend, there are police at the gates to every entrance to my residential area (several quads all linked together, surrounded by gates). This I accept, annoying though it is. My friend B and I managed to con our way through the gate nonetheless (due, in large part, to her pyjamas ... NEVER WILL I EVER MAKE FUN OF HER SHEEP PYJAMAS AGAIN).

We were about three feet through the gate when the fire alarm went off. Again. Ten minutes after the first time.


Now, if it hadn't been raining, if it hadn't been midnight, if the alarm hadn't gone off earlier this afternoon as well, I would have been pissed off but not Full of Rage. Now I am Full of Rage.

But! That is not, actually, all. (No, the alarm did not go off a third time. Not yet, anyway.)
One of the people in TH managed to figure out which room was the Source of Pot Smoke and Therefore the Focus of Rage. On the way out of the building, he gave them dirty looks for MAKING US ALL GO OUT INTO THE RAIN, TWICE. Apparently, one of them didn't appreciate the looks, because a Pot Smoker Extraordinaire grabbed him around the neck and proceeded to choke him a tiny bit before leaving the building.

WHAT THE FUCK????????????

I would normally believe that even a Pot Smoker Extraordinaire who filled the hallway with a hazy fog, who made people not used to the smoke cough on the way to the bathroom, who set the fire alarm off three times in one day, and twice within twenty minutes of each other, has some redeeming feature; however, I am not so sure, now.

And, to top it all off, my permanently sleep-deprived self was attempting to go to bed early tonight. :P Not that a minor disruption in my already disrupted sleep schedule matters anything like BEING CHOKED BY A FELLOW STUDENT, but still. It does not exactly help my mood right now.

(On another random sidenote, as I was walking back from the eatery to my dorm, I realized that "reckless" and "recluse" are pronounced nearly the same.)


4:10am—The fire alarm just went off again.  Pot smoke was apparently everywhere on the third floor; I guess the second floor people learned?  BUT APPARENTLY NO ONE ELSE DID.

8:24am—Okay, now we are getting a little suspicious.  Every four hours?  It is very mysterious.  I (grudgingly) admit that perhaps my Rage Against the Pot Smokers was a tad bit misplaced, if only because it seems like a mechanical malfunction going along with the smoking.  (I doubt it was only mechanical malfunction—having had this same sort of thing happen at my house after .... something that I don't remember that emitted fumes, and given the large amounts of pot smoke on the second and third floors the first four times the alarm went off, there is likely a connection, even if it isn't entirely the pot smoker's fault.  That is to say, however, that I highly doubt the alarm would have gone off in the first place had there not been copious amounts of marijuana smoke hanging around.

This has now led to campus security possibly looking into the "marijuana usage in our building."  I can't say I am at all unhappy about this; having lived across the hall from one of the biggest pot dealers on campus all last year, I would be extremely happy to have them all kicked into another building far, far away.  This does have potentially serious ramifications for TH, however:  since many of the pot smokers in the building are part of AH, which is on probation due to having too few members, their house might be disbanded, allowing TH to take over their common rooms.  \o/?

As for I managed to live across the hallway from one of the biggest pot dealers on campus and failed to realize it until early April of last year ... I knew she was smoking pot left, right, and center, and that she often invited random people over to smoke pot with, because the people always changed and they always left their shoes outside her door (which was helpful, actually, as an index of how long B and I could leave our doors open to talk to each other before the stench became overwhelming).  I only found out when going off to do interviews for one of my classes, where the four or five people in our group all went off together; I am still not sure how it happened, but they for some reason started talking about pot, and after I complained that my building always smelled like pot, someone mentioned that Diane, my hallmate, was a big dealer ... It was special.  I still can't believe that I never realized that that was what she was doing.  :P

9:51am—The New York Times needs to work on its article headlines, because on Thursday, apparently, there was one titled "C.I.A. Sued for Failure to Release Bay of Pigs History."  Perhaps it is simply my sleep-deprived self having trouble resolving relative clauses and thus being more inclined to read a main verb in everything, but I thought the CIA was doing the suing, not being sued.  I suppose at least it's better than "Qaddafi Forces Bear Down on Rebels," which I also read as a main verb ("forces" as in "Qaddafi made a bear go sit on the rebels").

12:10pm—The fire alarm did NOT go off at noon.  Thus, either the pot smokers finally got the picture, or they were removed forcibly from the building, or an alarm tech came and fixed the mechanical problem (if one existed).  Hopefully this is now over ...

8:01pm—Although it is not entirely clear, two facts appear to have emerged.  1)  The first two alarms were caused by pot smoke; the last three were probably caused by mechanical failure, such that the alarm reset every four hours and then went off.  No one seems to know for sure, but the mechanical failure may have been caused by either the firemen doing something they shouldn't have done to the alarm, or—more likely—vandals who decided it would be funny to destroy an exit sign in between alarms 2 and 3 as well as, apparently, the alarm itself.  2)  As a result of the fire alarms, the entire building is being charged $1000 per alarm.  If the people who caused the alarm are found and verified, then they will pay the $1000 for the alarm they caused; if not, the whole building has to foot the bill.  Luckily, at least, it seems we won't have to pay if the problem was mechanical failure; however, at this point, it's not entirely certain what exactly was going on.  We know who caused the first two alarms (damn you, room 222!), but not who vandalized the alarm; nor am I certain that the occupants of room 222 will be charged for bringing the firefighters (there might not be enough evidence or something ... I'm not really sure how this works).  So ... if not, then everyone in the building will have to pay ~$10 per alarm whose cause was not determined.  It is rather ridiculous, and I don't want to pay $50 for getting woken up at midnight, 4am, and 8am, but I also don't want to charge some individual $1000 incorrectly.  So ... it seems like a good policy, even though it's extremely annoying to have to pay.  However, someone was written up for criminal behavior of some sort ... so I guess that makes me feel better?  Not, obviously, that they're getting in so much trouble, since it was only a fire alarm and not, say, an actual fire.  But it is nice to know that the university isn't ignoring the situation.

When I got back from lunch, there was more pot smell in the hallways.  Honestly, people, haven't you had enough already?  Did FIVE FIRE ALARMS teach you anything?  Apparently not.  I called campus security, and they came, but unfortunately they can't do anything unless we actually see someone smoking pot, or see smoke coming out of their room, or can pinpoint which room based on where the smell was coming from.  This is extremely difficult when there are multiple rooms whose occupants are smoking, as the smoke ends up everywhere (even the basement, where no one lives).  So ... total failure, but at least we made friends with Steve the DPS officer, who will come help us out if we can catch anyone in the act!

And ... last but not least, we realized that Wednesday is 4/20.  I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF POT FOR THE WEEK!!!!!!!!  :P  So basically that means we're likely going to have another round of fire alarms on Wednesday ... A couple of us THers have contemplated setting out on pot patrols on Wednesday to see if we can get people in trouble for it, but I feel like that might be going to far.  It isn't actually harming anyone, at least not seriously; by the end of the semester, this will have become hilarious.  It seems a bit overly vindictive to purposefully try to catch people in the act.  On the other hand, if I happen to be walking by and happen to see people, I will not hesitate to call campus security.  I am sick of my hallway smelling like pot all the time.

9:33pm—Well, since I have already begun a dissertation on my weekend, I suppose I shall continue.  The laundry machine attempted to eat my card; B managed to bring it back from the depths of the machine's throat.  Then, the drier decided that my clothes were very wet and needed to be dried for 99 minutes (rather than the usual 60).  I can obviously take them out early, but strange things always make me wonder whether something went wrong.  I watched Doctor Who again, which was awesome, but which I am afraid of getting obsessed with because there seven hundred episodes to watch.  I thought last summer was bad, in which I watched all of 24 (~200 episodes) twice through; Doctor Who would be exponentially worse.  But!  It's fun, and it's one of the only events in the War Room for which fifty people are not squeezed in, which means I can actually be comfortable while watching.

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Date: 2011-04-18 12:55 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] damkianna
... Wow. Fire alarms are one thing I definitely don't miss about college; I can't quite say the same about pot dealers across the hall, as I don't think I ever had one of those. :D There was something of a pot haze every April 20th, but that was everywhere, not my building in particular.

I hope the rest of the month is better? ^^


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