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All I have to say is: theory, you made my day. Completely and utterly. I spent about ten minutes laughing uncontrollably while waiting in line for the transfer dean's office hours. This woman kept walking by and saying things like, "that must be really funny," and "it's okay to laugh out loud, you know."  (For Dominion geeks not in the know, today's dominionstrategy post was "Accepting submissions for Great Isotropic Moments."  The title says it all.)

I was temporarily worried that the transfer dean would think I was ill or upset or something, as I imagine my eyes were a bit red from the tears of hilarity that managed to escape. :P Evidently not, though, which is good, as I am applying to be a transfer counselor next year.

I was going to the transfer dean to get help in locating a piece of paper I lost about three years ago—the all important piece of paper that my first advisor signed saying that the introductory linguistics course I took at my previous school was an acceptable stand-in for my current school's version. This is actually important, too, because without that piece of paper my new advisor would make me retake the intro linguistics class, as she doesn't like the textbook I used. :P Stupid, as far as I'm concerned, given that I have now taken eight linguistics classes. Luckily, though, I now definitely don't have to take the intro!

On a completely unrelated note, I had a very interesting meal in the dining hall the other day. About half of campus lost power, including the dining hall, so we were eating on paper plates and drinking from soda cans (not me, obviously, as I don't like the fizzy), and the lines and everything were all dark. I spent about half the time wondering how they managed to comply with food temperature regulations, given the lack of power, but I suppose they did. It was quite entertaining, though I'm sure the dining hall staff thought it was much less so than I did.


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