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So, I know that playing a game like Dominion online has very few redeeming values—mostly people go on there to either 1) crush other people, 2) play with their friends who they could be playing with in Real Life, or 3) waste time. I typically fall into the third group.  I'm sure the actual players have a multiplicity of reasons, but those are probably the most common.

However, it's not totally pointless. I have now played with someone from Finland, which was exciting.  Well, he was enthusiastic until he found out that I was about twenty-five years younger than he was; it's a good thing I resisted the urge to say that I hadn't known that Dominion had existed that long, which probably would have come across as a little insulting.  He translates games from English, mostly, into Finnish.  I may have already posted this, by my Syntax professor informed my class that Finnish was the best language for a linguist to learn; it made me want to call up my sort-of cousin, whose husband is Finnish, and ask him for some Finnish sentences.  At any rate, that was cool.

And this evening I played with a rabbi from Wisconsin who had spent some of the last few years in Israel learning Hebrew.  (My screen name, apparently, sounded Hebrew, so he attempted to speak/write Hebrew to me, which sadly didn't work—MUST LEARN HEBREW!)  I suppose I don't actually know that this person was male, but I'm going to go with that simply because 1) I am willing to bet that most Dominion players are male, though you never know, a few more of us girls could be lurking, and 2) he sounded male, though as is plainly obvious he probably only sounded male because I thought he was male rather than because he actually sounded male.  I will admit that it gives me a certain thrill to be called "sir" by someone from Cyberspace; I kind of like it as an appellation, it makes me feel like a knight (All I need now is a glaive!  Well, if only it were that simple.)  (And, for the record, the person immediately continued with "or miss, as the case may be".  I neglected to correct him, as I rather like the idea of using "sir" as an unmarked term.)

And then there was the time that someone's screen name was "dominion" upside down, which it took me forever to figure out; I had just gotten up the courage to ask them what their screen name meant, or even worse what language it was in (the shame!), when I finally got it.

Right.  Apparently my life is composed of two things:  language and Dominion.
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