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We were talking about idioms in Syntax on Thursday, and how some idioms are decompositional while others aren't. So for example, you can say something like "he let the cat out of the bag" or "the cat was let out of the bag [by Eliza]". But, while you can say "the shit hit the fan," you can't say "the fan was hit by the shit."

Which obviously means that everyone in my class is now going to say "the fan was hit by the shit" instead.

This has prompted my Language Processing project, though I'm not sure that particular professor needs to know the reason I want to look at semantic decomposition of idioms.

On a completely unrelated note, I now have a lot less to do for next week than I originally thought I did—I have a sit-down exam in Brain Damage and the Mind, a take-home midterm for Syntax, a project proposal for Language Processing, a transcription for Linguistic Anthropology, and a paper for Linguistic Anthropology. It turns out, however, that I was quite confused about Linguistic Anthropology; I don't have to write that particular paper until May. \o/

That means that, while I could be working on everything else (such as the Syntax midterm, which will squash me like a little bug), I have been—wait for it—playing Dominion! I have now discovered a few more THers who play online, and I am ashamed to say that I beat them all BY FAR in terms of the number of games played—and they thought that they were obsessed. \o/?

Also, I am sad to say that tonight is the first time in a week and a half that I have actually been tired before 2am. I need to go back to a NORMAL sleep schedule, that includes breakfast. :P


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