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I have been getting absolutely thrashed at Dominion in the last couple of days—at one point, I lost 3 to 117. I am actually almost proud of that; I didn't know it was possible to be that bad. And I don't even have the excuse of not paying attention; I was actually trying on that game. :P Though I still think the two times I got negative points (another thing I didn't know was possible, before isotropic!) top everything else.

Also, I suppose that if I'm going to use the handle "zeugma" anywhere at all, I ought to be prepared with a few that I like, beyond the obvious—Star Trek's "You are free to execute your laws, or your citizens, as you see fit." I was also thinking: "When she got up to get something to drink, she killed the lights and the spider." Or: "I gave the book and the presentation to my professor." (Bonus points for the ... double? triple? entendre version "I gave the book and the talk to my daughter.") Or (though I'm pretty sure I've heard this one somewhere else): "The drug addict kicked the habit and the bucket." Or: "I broke the promise and the windows when I sang."

It's not exactly good when people ask you "what's a zeugma?" or "what are you favorite zeugmas?" and you don't have any on the tip of your tongue. :P

I have finally gotten sick of Language Processing; the professor is extremely cheerful, but spends way too much time going over basic linguistics (we literally drew the tree for "Eloise walked the child to the store on Wednesday" for an hour and a half). And by the time we get to anything complicated, she has to rush through it, so we never really end up learning anything. :P She also decided to reduce the reading, which I can't complain about except that now the readings have even less to do with class or each other than they did before. Basically ... every semester, it seems, I am reminded of why I don't like to take new classes or classes with professors who are teaching it for the first time.
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