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I calculated the other day that I have (at least) ten papers to write this term. Strangely enough, none are very long; mostly, they're on the order of 2-4 pages. I've already written two of them, and I am supposed to be working on a third right now, in between studying for an exam tomorrow, finishing a problem set for Syntax that's due this afternoon, and trying to figure out what I need to bring home this weekend. BECAUSE IT'S A LONG WEEKEND AND I WILL BE HOME FOR FOUR DAYS!!!!

I have been ... not exactly as diligent as I ought to be.  I have been:

1) Watching Bones. That obsession has been rekindled; I am nearly done with the entire series. This fall, I think I watched something like most of the episodes in the first four or five seasons, so I've gone back and watched all the ones I missed, plus all of the most recent season, which is ... season 6? It's pathetic, I know, and I don't really like large parts of it (sometimes it seems like one of the producers has a Gorn fetish), but I like Angela and Sweets. Bones' intonation really bugs me, but Booth is so protective, it's awesome. I really don't like how they stereotype geeks/nerds—we don't compare IQs the way some people compare other things ... (Most people, nerds or not, don't even know what their IQ is, obviously, though maybe some people take the internet variety more seriously than I do. And I have problems with the entire concept of an IQ and the way we measure it, so ...) I also really don't like Zach's story arc—he was kind of charming in the beginning, in his own childish way, but he never did anything that defied common sense before all of sudden becoming a serial killer's apprentice. I am extremely glad they didn't make it Sweets or Hodgins, though; and I thought they did a great job faking everyone out, but ... Zach? Honestly. At any rate, it's a decent show to have on in the background, for the awesome moments between Bones and Booth, Angela and Hodgins, and Sweets (it doesn't matter who he's talking to).

2) Playing Dominion. Believe it or not, it's possible to play Dominion and watch Bones at the same time, while also crocheting and theoretically doing homework. No wonder I haven't gotten much done lately! Haven't had any good spreads lately, though a couple of people have squashed me like a bug—they've gotten all 8 provinces or Colonies, which is truly pathetic on my part. (Perhaps watching TV, doing homework, and playing Dominion all at the same isn't very good for the quality of my TV-watching, homework-doing, or Dominion-playing?)

3) Talking to Other Me.  Other Me hasn't been doing too well lately; perhaps unsurprisingly, she also seems to suffer from the Vacation Blues, as I do.  I see her all the time on the way to class, but we haven't had a chance to actually catch up.

4)  Reading TV Tropes.  It's amazing how addictive a website can become.

That's about it. It's amazing how much I can pack into one day when it isn't homework.  I should probably try not to waste so much time, but ...

I guess I did talk to my potential thesis advisor in linguistics; I might get to work on the Moses Illusion!!!  That would be awesome, but I could also, I found out, do a thesis in linguistic anthropology, which is more along the lines of where I want to end up in graduate school.  So doing something in linguistic anthropology might be better, but ... I don't know.  At least I have multiple options!  And this time, I get to actually pick what I want to do, rather than having a professor say "here's a project, now go!"  It wasn't that The Other Thesis wasn't interesting, but I think I was a little less invested in it in part (though only part, and perhaps even a very small part) because I didn't feel like it was my project in any way.

(Also, the new Gmail header is really annoying.  I'm sure it's a perfectly good change, in reality, but since it's new I can't stop looking at it every time I check my email; and since this is quite often, I am currently a little obsessed with such a needless change.)


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