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I got my first compliment for a good play in Dominion today. :) I know, I know, that pretty much means I've been playing way too much Dominion lately, but still. I King's Courted some Bridges and Nobles, so I got -3$ per Bridge played, and then I could use my Nobles to get more actions and cards in order to get enough money to buy, in one turn, four Colonies (because each Colony only cost 4$ by the time I had finished King's Courting a King's Court and playing all the Bridges). In another turn, I bought a Colony, a Nobles, and four Golds in the same manner. It was, needless to say, and awesome spread, and a fantastic combination of cards; I only wish I had planned it to be so awesome, but instead I just happened to hit upon a good combination. At any rate, I will definitely look out for a spread like this again, because it really, really worked.

I also played the fastest game of my lifeā€”it took four minutes, no kidding. I usually expect about 15-20 minutes; so I was tad bit worried when I realized I had started a game with only about 15 minutes left before I was supposed to be somewhere, but I had forgotten that I have to actually walk there. Luckily, though, I got to write this instead. :) ... And I am now going to be late. :P
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