Apr. 9th, 2011

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Many strange things happen with pdf files when you try to download them from the internet (or at least, many strange things happen to me when I attempt to download them; occasionally, I wonder whether it has something to do with using Google Chrome, as this many odd things didn't happen when I used Firefox, but I really don't know).

Sometimes they open once, and then never open again, so I have to download them over and over again (or print to pdf, if I remember to do so before closing the pdf).

Sometimes they don't open at all.

Sometimes they are completely blank.

Sometimes they are the wrong article (though that's probably my fault ^^).

And sometimes, apparently, they are the correct article, but the text fills about 1/32nd of the page, and shows up off in the bottom left-hand corner. I can kind of understand if it appears in the upper left-hand corner, but the lower left-hand corner? What?

Anyway, I went to my ex-roommate's thesis performance yesterday. I have absolutely no idea what it was about, or what she was trying to do, or the point, or anything. She took all these pictures of her own face, and then wrote poetry about them, as some sort of an attempt to understand the modern "culture of the interface." I have no idea what that means. I don't understand MCM at all.

I guess it was good ... except it had something to do with everyone in the audience being my roommate's "friend" (that much, at least, I understood to be metaphorical), so she went through this very odd ritual at the beginning that was supposed to make everyone in the audience her "friend." Maybe part of the point was that in the age of Facebook we label a huge number of people who we barely know as "friends," so that it was both superficial and realistic that she was calling the audience members her friends ... but as someone who doesn't use Facebook and is very conservative in my use of the word "friend," I found it a bit odd.

However, the part that really, really, really bothered me was that the person who was greeting us kept touching me—she would put her hand on my shoulder, and her other hand on my arm, and then in a very earnest voice ask "are you going to stay for the whole thing?" and then, at the end of the performance, she did exactly the same thing and asked "did you enjoy the performance? I hope you enjoyed it!" and things like that. I should note that it wasn't just me though she was doing this with—it was everyone. I think it was an attempt, again, to make us like "friends", but—well, I nearly exploded. It was actually physically painful. Sensory overload. CANNOT HANDLE.

My ex-roommate was the one who was actually seating people, and she kept taking people by the hand and leading them to their seats. Luckily, though, she still seated me even though I flat out refused to take her hand.

But! We continued our Firefly watching last night, and got to watch the garbage disposal episode, which is hands down my favorite. So that made everything a little better. :)


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