Jan. 15th, 2011

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I had an interesting encounter with the Possession card today. As it turns out, if you Possess someone else, and then Possess yourself while Possessing your opponent, this does NOT result in you Possessing yourself and gaining an extra turn, as I had anticipated. It results in your opponent Possessing you instead, which is not exactly the same thing. Obviously, I learned this the hard way; luckily, though, it was fun anyway.

Last night, I played in one of the most amazing Dominion games I've ever seen. Not that that's saying much, as I haven't really played that much Dominion in comparison to a lot of the players on isotropic, but nonetheless. My opponent got 327 victory points, which is leagues higher than anything else I've ever seen. He stacked up King's Court and Goons; since Goons gets an extra victory point every time you buy something, it can get really crazy if you have a lot of Goons. By the end of the game, he was getting something like eight VPs per buy, and with all the extra buys that the Goons got him, he could have bought eight, nine, ten coppers per turn. I think he would have gotten even more VPs if he had bought extra coppers with the extra buys; he did pretty much use up all his buys, but I think there were a few turns where he could have squeaked in another ten VPs.

I also played a game last night where my opponent got 85 money (none through actual Treasure cards, but through various other means) in a single turn, and bought a ton of Colonies and Provinces in the last turn. That was amazing as well, though she didn't get 300 VPs; it gave me a great appreciation for Cities, which I had never played with before.

In yet more Dominion talk, someone who had never played Dominion before started a game with me this afternoon. Dominion is not exactly the kind of game you can explain over the internet; it's way too complicated. At any rate, I tried, but utterly failed; I think the s/he realized that Dominion wasn't that kind of a game, too, because s/he quit after a few turns. Plus, to be honest, isotropic is a great interface but even for someone who'd played the game before it's a bit confusing the first time. There are lots of buttons everywhere, and more experienced players go quite fast, so it can be difficult to keep up while you're still learning the interface, much less the rules of the game. I hope that s/he learns and enjoys Dominion, though, and perhaps comes back to play again!


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